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   Rinkside News & Notes!!!  

Hello and Happy Summer to You!  

We've been away for some time...and are in the process of upgrading our website.  In the meantime, like us on facebook to stay updated on all upcoming programs and sign-ups!

Roller Hockey and Chipmunks Hockey is coming!

Roller Leagues will be forming in mid-August (TBD)

Senior High League (9th thru 12th & must be in HS this year!)

Junior Roller League (7* yrs old thru 13)

*Parents - don't worry - Junior roller kids play against peers of the same skill level (i.e., 7 yr olds won't play against 12-13 yr olds).  

Attention Coaches or those interested in Coaching!!!!!!!!!!!

Please be advised that as of November 15, 2012 all coaches MUST have a background check completed and approved by the City of Somers Point. 


We suggest you allow yourself one month to navigate the entire process. 

You will not be able to be on the hockey courts (aside from a  timekeeper)  if your name does not appear on the current 'Approved Coaches List' on the City's website.   

There are no exceptions to this rule.  Therefore, if you are interested in coaching a team or being an assistant coach, please contact us asap.


Appointments for badge issuance can be made with CER Office at:

Ms. Sydney Perkins, Community Education & Recreation Director 

Somers Point Public Schools, 121 W. New York Avenue

Somers Point, NJ 08244

(609) 927-2053, ext. 3101  / Email:


Coaches/Parents!!!! 2013-14 Champions Pictures will be posted once the website is fixed. 

Congratulations to our 2012-13 Division Champions

Cadets - Warriors

L to R, Front: Will Fausey, Neal Montagna, Hunter Montagna, Jeff Dahl, Jake Babb, Tyler Rossi
Back: Head Coach Russ Babb, Anthony Pancari, Nick Bellinger, Aaron Mahdee, Shane Guldin (not pictured Dylan Dill, Asst. Coach Eric Rossi)

Beavers - Stingers

Penguins - Pirates

2013Roller Hockey IRON MAn ivTournament

Congratulations, Champions: TEAM CANADA!

Thanks to all the players, coaches and parents for a successful  IRON MAN Iv  - World At War Tournament. It once again lived up to its name as the teams slugged it  a solid  TEAM CANADA  beat a tough  and talented Team U.S.A.   But in the end, while Team USA battled their way through the field, Team CANADA rested and waited to strike.    The final game ended with a score of  6-5 in overtime.   It was a display of hard work and talented players on both sides that made for a great game to watch. 

We'll be posting tournament pictures soon!   Congratulations to MVP's of the tournament, Ryan Tomlinson and Vincent Giunta   and Congratulations to ALL the teams on a great season!.  

Pictured below from L to R:   (3 Kneeling in front) Ryan Tomlinson,  Hunter Kelly  & Chris Vicchiarelli.  (Back Row) Coach Todd Tomlinson,   Asst. Justin Tomlinson,    Nick Giunta,   Vincent Giunta,    Chris Spiers,  Eddie Henry,  Justin Adler and  Assistant (sorta' actual Head) Coach Matt Spiers.   

Included on Team Canada but Not Pictured are Jack and Dylan Hassett.


What was that call?

Like most street hockey programs, Somers Point Hockey uses the International Street/Dek Hockey rulebook, you'll see over quite different than those rules used for ice hockey. 

Rule 46 (Handling Hockey Ball with Hands) - Did you know that if a defensive players closes his hand on the ball while it is in the crease, a penalty shot shall be awarded?  Or that if a player taps or bats the ball in the air two times, a minor penalty shall be assessed?  Say what?

Rule 32 (Adjustment to Clothing or Equipment) - Did you know that play shall not be stopped or delayed by reasons of adjustments to clothing or equipment...that the player must retire from rink or receive a minor penalty?    

If you are interested in being a volunteer referee or timekeeper, please give us a shout!


New To Hockey?  ...questions about our various hockey programs or looking for some guidance about the confusing world of hockey equipment? 

Hit our Hockey 4-1-1 link and check out our Program Summaries and our Hockey Equipment pages.


Scheduled General Meetings of the Organization:

Monday, January 6th 

600 PM @ the Hockey Snack Stand


Parents and Coaches are Invited to Attend!


Somers Point Hockey Clothing Now Available!

Hit this link - - -  SP Hockey Gear! - - - to Check Out Our Dope Duds!  Once on the site, look for 'Somers Point Street Hockey' page on left margin.

This is a test run for the site on limited items.  As the site is up and running, more and more items will be added.       








If you have questions about ordering or timing of deliveries, please email printer at


The 2010 SP Winter Classic

A SP Lightning Flashback!  

The game no one knew was even played - besides the two teams that played in it - and a few die hard, snow covered parents.  It was a regular Saturday morning in January and the League was gathering once more at the courts to play their Divisional games.  Right before the ball was dropped for the first Penguin and Beaver games, a very light rain/sleet started to fall.  So, games for the day were immediately cancelled. 

Admittedly, the coaches of the Beaver Blues and Red Wings also thought it best to cancel.  However, the young whiners, err, I mean players, in the red and blue jerseys won out and 'we decided' to see if we could squeeze it in.             

The kids were right!  By the third period, there was literally 2-3 inches of snow on the court.  Kids were slipping and sliding and taking a face-full of snow on each shot or pass by their opponents but they never stopped laughing.  While the game was slow and a tad sloppy, it turned out to be a tight one goal affair decided in the last minute...but more than that, the kids that got to play that game still talk about it today. 

It was a sight and game that we'll all remember !  The 2010 Somers Point Winter Classic!   

A special thanks to Lisa Cadematori for risking her camera for these pictures! : )

Take a visit to The House of Champions.


The people of Somers Point Street Hockey. More Pictures Added!!


One of Our Parents Suggested this Article that Appeared in The Washington Post.  All Parents Should Give it A Look.

See it Here.

How come there are different color hockey balls?

Here are a couple of items that should be read by every parent and coach.  An article from the Toronto Sun and an email from one of the members of the NSHA.  Read them both.